Marketing Mikkeli & South Savo

There are many possible ways we can actively invigorate this region. Why do so? ...some sites may lose charm & solitude. But the alternative is lack of jobs, depopulation, and spiraling decline. People are mobile as never before. Regions across Europe (and the world) now must compete to attract and keep creative, ambitious & productive people.

Simply bringing people together can help build local pride and confidence. Let's make this area dynamic. To see how, look below, and send new ideas to

    Our "My Mikkeli" logo is from the signature of Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, President & Marshal of Finland; he lived & worked in Mikkeli.

A Few Potential Activities & Events:

Economic stimulus
  • seminar on destination marketing
  • Buy Local campaigns (focus on local goods & produce)
  • real estate and local investment seminars
  • quantify the economic footprint of local businesses
  • quantify local economic footprint of universities
  • understand how investors in land, cottages & local services support the local economy
Educational attractions
  • training on the local natural world
  • lectures from within the community
  • local footsteps of notable people
  • highlight local historic or political places
  • develop cultural events & reasons to attend
  • art appreciation
  • quiz evenings
  • architectural lecture
  • introduction of interesting workplaces
  • introduce contemporary lives from cradle to grave
  • host activities at the universities / university consortium
Build a sense of local pride and membership
  • joint voluntarism or relief activity
  • joint travel or perambulations
  • joint writing & photo archive on regional history
  • comparing the region then and now
  • support for ill or troubled people in the community
  • resident introductions
  • fundraising
  • Booster Club with Annual General Meeting
  • dinner reception for visiting dignitaries
  • team with other Nordic, Baltic or similar localities
  • open otherwise closed areas periodically for sightseeing
Entertainment aimed perhaps at attracting people from elsewhere
  • attract visiting speakers or performers
  • issue local passport; entertain potential immigrants
  • welcome back former migrants & expatriates
  • invite outsiders to local activities
  • Bygone Days Dinner (with pastimes outfits)
  • architecture park
  • summer or winter "Keep Cool" costume festival
  • books on the region (translate?)
  • celebrate festivals of other lands
Entertainment focused mainly at local residents
  • contests: Savo's Strongest; Mikkeli's Fastest Woman; ugliest dog, etc.
  • local theater / kid's theater evening
  • challenges to children, with rewards or incentives
  • anecdotes / stories / reminisces of the region
  • commemorative Ball or black tie dinner
  • Garden Party
  • wine tasting
  • sports
  • summer barbecue
  • event to learn a new dance e.g. waltz, belly dancing, limbo
  • water or boat or snow activities
  • review local restaurant "signature dish" (may trigger upgrades)
  • art exhibition of privately-owned items: "(Usually) Behind Closed Doors"

(The above groupings are very tentative. Please use these ideas as a stimulus to further imagination & planning)

    Our "My Mikkeli" logo is from the signature of Baron Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, President & Marshal of Finland; he lived & worked in Mikkeli.