Marketing Mikkeli & South Savo

We're a loosely-coupled group of people who want regional prosperity.
We are working to create a good environment for a brighter future.
One positive way forward is interaction & sharing early-stage ideas.

Visiting speakers from the community have included:
- Dr. Soile Kuitunen
  Development Director for the City of Mikkeli
- Ms. Lenita Toivakka
  Member of Finnish Parliament representing the South Savo region
- Ms. Tiina Tykkyläinen
  Development Manager Tourism, Mikkeli Region Business Development Centre (MISET)

The project owes much to the initiative, ideas & energies of:
- Prof. David Atkinson
  HSE Mikkeli former Dean
  Rest in Peace! (1942-2016)

For more information or to assist with activities, contact:

Bruce Henry Lambert
Professor & Development Director, Localversity
(please mention Mikkeli in subject line)